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From: Vigliarolo Roberto (Vigliarolo@asamrt.interbusiness.it)
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 03:01:55 PST

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> Oggetto: Re: [SI-LIST] : Comment on Johnson's article (Now
> BuriedCapacitance)
>For repetitive (periodical) excitation, resonances due to
>the finite sizes do occur, unless the structure itself is lossy
enough to
>sufficiently suppress the resonances. The steady-state transfer
>profile may show impedance peaks, which are sometimes even bigger
than the
>impedance magnitude at the excitation point. Consequence: at a
>point, the noise from a given source is bigger than at the source
>This effect was simulated and measured on various structures
>by different people, and has been documented/published in several
>at (among others) EPEP conferences and also in the IEEE Tr. CPMT
August 1999
>issue. Some of those articles are also available on-line.


>For physically large and/or high-current designs, however,
>the power-distribution-impedance requirement and the needed measurement
>resolution may be in the milliohm range. One possible way to achieve such
>measurement resolution was published at DesignCon99 (also available on

        Could you please tell me where I can find (on-line) the articles you
        Thank you!

        Roberto Vigliarolo

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