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From: Jason Zheng ([email protected])
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 21:50:56 PST

> Be careful if you intend to use an inverter as a clock buffer. The alvc
> stuff is pretty fast, but not nearly fast enough for your needs. That
> particular part is about 4nS spec into a heavy load, and a minimum Tpd spec
> of 1nS. At 240MHz Tpd alone is 50% of your cycle interval. That
> translates to linear amplifier. I don't know who did your ASIC's or the
> system design, but 240MHz at SSTTL is going to be very hard to do.

  Thank you for your help!

  Our ASIC is committed already. We are designing the prototype
board to bring it up. For now, it only needs to work at
room temperature (instead of the worst case conditions). If
the IDT74ALVC16244A part (or GAL16LV8) is not fast enough for
room temperature application, do you know of any other part that
might do? We will have adjustable delay lines to tune the skew
among ASICs, so the skew is not the prob. But it needs
to drive 100 or 50 ohm transmission lines for TTL/CMOS levels.

  Thanks again!


> Regards,
> Steve.

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