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From: Ron Miller ([email protected])
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 13:51:30 PDT

> I hope everyone goes to the seminar, because I will be the only person left

in this field that understands what is really happening.

Ron Miller

> In regards to comment 1. In a high frequency signalling environment, The
> return current will flow on the nearest plane whether it is power or ground.
> If you have two planes coupled closely togther you create a capacitor which
> the high frequency return current uses to traverse the planes and takes the
> path of least impedance.
> If there were not two planes coupled together, it would be an EMI
> catastrophe and you would not know where the return current is flowing.
> Regarding comment 2, he was stating that grounding in multiple locations is
> a bad idea. This can create some ground loops within the chassis. There
> will be some type of potential difference from one chassis connection point
> to another and this will create some current in the chassis. This is very
> bad from an EMI perspective.
> He believes one Solid connection to the ground plane is sufficient.
> I

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