Re: [SI-LIST] : About GNDs?

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From: Douglas McKean ([email protected])
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 17:41:12 PDT

At 08:05 AM 10/25/99 +0900, lkd wrote:
>Can you explane about GND Plane, Chasis GND, Shield GND, Chasis, Frame
GND, Digital GND and relations between these?

Here is my scant understanding ...

Ground plane - ground reference (or datum). Could be
                 in a printed circuit board, the chassis,
                 a floor, an antenna grid.

Chassis ground - the structure of the product being used
                 as a ground reference.

Shield ground - ground reference usually for a cable shield.

Chassis - the structure of the product usually
                 the case and any support structure
                 minus anything else like PCB, power supply ...

Frame ground - I've only seen this used for telephone
                 circuitry in my experience. Same as
                 chassis ground but used when differential
                 signalling or floating secondary is used.
                 Sometimes separated from the ground plane
                 of a PCB with a resistor.

Digital ground - ground reference on a PCB for digital circuitry.

They could all be connected together to be
electrically the same point. Or, separately
connected in any combination thereof.

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