[SI-LIST] : Heating resistor: RMS or average current (was Re: Effect of low Zo for unterminated lines)

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From: Laurence Michaels ([email protected])
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 14:27:31 PDT

[email protected] wrote:
> D.C.,
> Your discussion remind me a while ago there was a discussion
> whether the temperature effect of a heating resistor is proportional
> to average current or rms one. Yet I can't remember if here was the
> forum or not, please forgive my faint memory in this issue. However,
> I still remember the answer was remained non-conclusive.
> As for me, I would stick to average current side :-).
> Raymond

Well, from my (rusty) memory of a college course, one of the ways of
measuring RMS current involved a resistor heating a thermosensitive
coil connected to the meter needle. Whether it's the combination of
the coil and the heating resistor that measures RMS, or the heating
resistor alone, or just the relatively slow response of the meter to
changes in current, I can't recall.

I get the feeling I'm about to find out one of the many differences
between college and reality. :-) The more, the merrier!

BTW, thanks to all the chip designers and other employees of IC (etc.)
vendors that contribute to the discussions here. Oh, and everyone
else, too.

Silly idea for a way of getting people to at least think
about SI: Hamster Habitrails (long clear tubes for hamsters)
as Transmission lines. Only problem, is that hamsters only
reflect off the ends of closed transmission lines. And
the rise times are kind of fuzzy.


Laurence Michaels
Simulation Support, General DataComm

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