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From: Syed Huq ([email protected])
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 16:46:36 PST


This multi-board sim is quite easy to setup in XTK. You can use TOPSPEC to
define any connector via a lumped LC.(See example in Ch6 of 'Preparing PCB
database for simulation with TLC/XTK/QUIET' or Ch7 of XTK users manual)

Then use a hdf and con file to define the hierarchy of boards connecting
to each other and the 'mapping' of the connections(con file). This con file
describes how the nets get tied across the connector.(See examples in Ch7 of
'Preparing PCB database for simulation with TLC/XTK/QUIET').

Then follow the translation process and it's a piece of cake.

% tmp -hdf <design>.hdf
% isf2xtk -hdf <design>.hdf

Cisco Systems, Inc

> Hello SI List,
> I am continuing my investigation of XTK and have run into
> a bit of a road block that I thought you might be able to help me with.
> I have a desire to perform a multi-board system simulation where my
> board to board interconnect is a standard 2 mm HM connector that
> is used and supported by lots of folks. I have an AMP MLM for the
> connector and would prefer not to fill my day modifying spice decks.
> My feedback from folks to date has been that 'ya can't get there from
> here', unless of course I would like to re-write the model myself for
> use within XTK.
> I know that alot of folks in telecom are using this connector
> and are probably using XTK. What are my options? Any good?
> Thanks for the help.
> Best Regards,
> Michael Greim

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