[SI-LIST] si-list crash

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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 14:51:50 PST


si-list has experienced a major software crash. (not connected with
the problems we were experiencing late last week).

The subscriber database has been partially recovered but it is at
least a month out of date.

Presently the list is limping along in a manual mode without the
benefits that the majordomo listmanager software provides
(no auto subscribe, unsubscribe, spam filtering etc.)

I'll be working on returning it to it's previous state of functionality,
BUT it appears at least 50 subscriber entries have been lost for good,
and address updates/unsbscriptions made over the past month or so are
gone too.

If you've unsubscribed but are now receiving list traffic again and
don't desire it, email to [email protected] .

A announcement will be made when the list is fully operational.

In the meantime, traffic may be sent to the list as usual, however with
no spam filtering there _may_ be some spurious noise on the list as well.

Sorry for the confusion.

For those who wonder how the list crashed, rest assured that you
DON'T want to know :)

Ray Anderson
Sun Microsystems Inc.

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