Re: [SI-LIST] : Transient impedance

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From: Sandy Taylor ([email protected])
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 15:35:48 PST

> When Sai's paper is available we can provide space for it on the same site
> where we maintain the si-list archives.

Thanks Ray.

I have a paper on global signals (on chip) I gave at CICC earlier this
year. It may be a bit low level for the SI-list, but I will send it to you
for review. I presented slides of the power grid IR drop on Cheetah
as part of the slides. I should be able to dig up gifs of them as well.

I am proud of the charge pump circuit. It is a very novel solution
to a tough problem. Getting 50A around a big chip and keeping
the high frequency impedance in the millli ohm region is tough.

For some vector patterns Cheetah is seeing a 25% improvement in
performance with the charge pumps turned on.
Not many have to slow down before you have to stamp the part
with a lower frequency.


PS Now that we live on an island I have a legitimate excuse to play
     with the radios again. And we have acres of 125' trees so I can
     play with some low band loooong wire antennas.
    How about a rhombic on 40M? or a 1/4 wave vertical on 160M?

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