[SI-LIST] : how to best validate edge rate and output impedance

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From: Pat Zabinski ([email protected])
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 12:31:05 PST

We are having "conversations" with a vendor of macro libraries
about how to specify/validate two key parameters for output buffers:
1) output impedance; and 2) edge rate (full-swing, rail-to-rail

We have clearly specified these values, but we failed to specify
how these values are determined (oops!). The approach we typically use
produces much different results than the vendor uses, and I'm
interested in getting input from folks on any "industry standard"
or "best engineering" approach you use.

For output impedance:

        * we validate by running a full spice simulation with
        the buffer driving an ideal transmission line and tweaking
        the line's impedance until we obtain proper waveforms

        * the vendor uses DC I-V curves to design the output
        impedance and stops there

        (for this particular project, their values are about
        10-15% higher than ours)

For edge rate:

        * we validate by simulating an output buffer driving an
        ideal transmission line terminated with an input buffer;
        we then measure the 20-80% edge rates at the far end.

        * the vendor places a lumped capacitor load directly on
        the output of the buffer and measures the edges (I'm
        not sure what %'s they use).

        (for this project, their edge rates are 3X-longer/slower
        than what we obtain!)

Is anyone aware of industry-standards for characterizing these
values (in simulation, not measurement)? Outside of standards,
does anyone have a particular approach they like to use?

Thanks for the input,

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