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Here are three very good books that are targeted at the Microwave/RF folks, but the transmission line chapters are relatively easy reading and applicable to digital SI problems. I list them in order of which I suggest to read/review them in:

Microwave Engineering, David Pozar John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-17096-8

Microwave Transistor Amplifiers, Guillermo Gonzalez Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-254335-4

Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics, Ramo, Whinnery, and Van Duzer Johh Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-58551-3

In addition, I have accumulated my own library of papers written on the subject (approaching 500 articles), and thought I'd share a select subset for you to reference. I do not recommend reading all of them in one sitting, but one or two of them are bound to be of interest to you. (see attachment.)

Pat Zabinski

On Dec 28, 6:10pm, Gary wrote: > Subject: [SI-LIST] : Transmission Line Theory > > I am looking for articles/books on Transmission Line Theory. I have looked at MECL system design handbook and ACT/FCT > application notes on the subject, but thought someone had run across other articles. > > > Regards, > > Gary Steinkogler > > > **** To unsubscribe from si-list: send e-mail to [email protected] In the BODY of message put: UNSUBSCRIBE si-list, for more help, put HELP. si-list archives are accessible at **** > >-- End of excerpt from Gary Content-Description: Text Content-Type: text/plain ; name="articles.txt" ; charset=us-ascii Content-Disposition: attachment ; filename="articles.txt" X-Zm-Content-Name: articles.txt

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Complete Multimode Equivalent-Circuit Theory for Electrical Design AU Dylan F. Williams, Leonard A. Hayden, and Roger B. Marks SOURCE Journal of Research of the NIST VOL 102 NO 4 DATE July-August, 1997 PP 405-423 KW modeling, t-lines, SPICE, theory, design

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Designer's Guide to Microstrip Line AU Dr. I. J. Bahl and D. K. Trivedi SOURCE Microwaves DATE May, 1977 PP 174-182 KW T-Line, Design, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Double-Ground-Plane Strip-Line System for Microwaves AU B. A. Dahlman SOURCE IRE Transactions on MTT DATE October, 1955 PP 52-57 KW Theory, Design, T-Line, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Method of Calculating the Characteristic Impedance of a Strip Transmission Line to a Given Degree of Accuracy AU Rudolf G De Buda SOURCE IRE Transactions on MTT DATE October, 1958 PP 440-446 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Numerical Approach to the Analysis of Signal Propagation on VLSI Interconnect Systems AU H. Grabinski & J. P. Mucha SOURCE 1985 PP 683-688 KW Theory, T-Line, IC

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI A Universal Model for Lossy and Dispersive Transmission Lines for Time Domain CAD of Circuits AU Jose I. Alonso, Jose Borja, and Felix Perez SOURCE IEEE Trans MTT VOLUME 40 NUMBER 5 DATE May, 1992 PP 938-947 KW t-lines, simulation, ABCD matrix, equivalent circuit

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Analysis of Planar Microstrip Discontinuities in MMIC's AU Todd W. Nuteson and Krishna Naishadham SOURCE IEEE 1992 National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON 1992) DATE May 18-22, 1992, Dayton, OH PP 1274-1280 KW T-Line, Theory, Test, IC, Microwave, Passives

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Calculation of Microstrip Bends and Y-Junctions With Arbitrary Angle AU Reza Mehran SOURCE IEEE Transactions on MTT, MTT-26 DATE June, 1978 PP 400-405 KW Theory, Simulation, T-Line, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Characteristics and Applications of Microstrip for Microwave Wiring AU Arditi, M SOURCE IRE Transactions on MTT, MTT-3 DATE March, 1955 PP 31-56 KW Theory, Design, T-Line, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Characterization of Proximity Effects Between Interconnects AU Alok Tripathi, V. K. Tripathi, J. Jong, and T. Arabi SOURCE Proc of 1996 Int'l Symposium on Microelectronics LOC Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN DATE 8-10, October, 1996 PP 24-28 KW simulation, equivalent circuit, t-lines, crosstalk, measurement, TDR/TDT

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Coax-Via - A Technique to Reduce Crosstalk and Enhance Impedance Mismatch at Vias in High-Frequency Multilayer Packages Verified by FDTD and MoM Modeling AU Edward R. Pillai SOURCE IEEE Trans MTT VOL 45 NO 10 DATE October 1997 PP 1981-1985 KW via, coax, simulation, fdtd, MoM, packaging

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Compensation of Discontinuities in Planar Transmission Lines AU Rakesh Chadha and K. C. Gupta SOURCE IEEE MTT-S International Symposium DATE December, 1982 PP 2151-2156 KW Theory, Design, T-Line, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems AU Ivor Catt SOURCE IEEE Trans on Electronic Computuers VOLUME EC-16 NUMBER 6 DATE December, 1967 PP 743-763 KW T-Line, Theory, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Crosstalk and Reflections in High-Speed Digital Systems AU A. Feller, H. R. Kaupp, & J. J. Digiacomo SOURCE Proceedings of Fall Joint Computer Conference DATE 1965 PP 511-??? KW Theory, T-Line, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Dispersive Transmission Line Model for Nonlinear Time Domain Circuit Analysis AU T. Veijola and M. Valtonen SOURCE 1988 IEEE Int'l Symposium on Circuits and Systems VOLUME 3 LOC Espoo, Finland DATE June 7-9, 1988 PP 2839-2842 KW Theory, T-Line, Microwave, models

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Effect of Surface Roughness on Eddy Current Losses at Microwave Frequencies AU Samuel P. Morgan, Jr. SOURCE Journal of Applied Physics VOLUME 20 DATE April, 1949 PP 352-362 KW Microwave, Simulation, Theory, T-Line, Skin-Effect, surface-roughness

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Interconnects From Time-Domain Measurements AU Jyh-Ming Jong, Bozidar Janko, and Vijai Tripathi SOURCE IEEE Trans. on CHMT VOLUME 16 NUMBER 1 DATE February, 1993 PP 119-126 KW Simulation, TDR/TDT, measurement

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Etched Sheets Serve as Microwave Components AU R. M. Barrett SOURCE Electronics DATE June, 1952 PP 114-118 KW T-Line, Design, Microwave, PCB

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Experimental Determination of the Properties of Microstrip Components AU Maurice Ardit SOURCE Electrical Communication VOLUME 30 DATE December, 1953 PP 283-293 KW T-Line, Design, Test, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Formulas for the Skin Effect AU Harold A. Wheeler SOURCE Proceedings of the IRE DATE September, 1942 PP 412-424 KW Theory, Skin-Effect, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Generalized Analytical Equations for Strip Transmission Lines AU Jamshid Fouladian & Protap Pramanick SOURCE Microwave Journal VOLUME 32 NUMBER 11 DATE November, 1989 PP 165-168 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI High-Frequency Performance of GE High Density Interconnect Modules AU Ted Haller, Barry Whitmore, Pat Zabinski, & Barry Gilbert SOURCE Proceedings of 42nd Electronic Components & Technology Conference DATE May, 1992 PP 136-143 KW MCM, MCM-D, Theory, T-Line Also: IEEE Transactions on Components, Hybrids and Manufacturing Technology (Dec 1992 or Feb 1993 or so)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI High-Speed Signal Propogation on Lossy Transmission Lines AU A. Deutsch, et. al. SOURCE IBM J. Res. Develop VOLUME 34 NUMBER 4 DATE July, 1990 PP 601-615 KW Theory, T-Line, Microwave, Simulation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI IC Package and Interconnect Characterization Using Enhanced Accurac Time Domain Reflectometry AU Dmitry A. Smolyansky, Scott K. Diamond, Steven H. Pepper, and Vijai K. Tripathi SOURCE (IEEE 0-7803-2411-0/94) DATE 1994 PP 179-181 KW TDR/TDT, measurement, theory, t-lines

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Impedance Formulas for Common TEM Transmission Lines KW t-lines, impedance, formulas @@@@ Gives the impedance formulas for many different transmission line types.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Interconnect Design and Synthesis in High Speed Printed Circuit Boards and Multi-Chip Modules AU Ravender Goyal SOURCE Int'l Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems VOLUME 6 DATE December, 1995 PP 555-571 KW modeling, simulation, interconnect, t-lines, MCMs, PCBs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Lossy Interconnect Modeling From TDR/T Measurements AU J. M. Jong, V. K. Tripathi, L. A. Hayden, and B. Janko SOURCE IEEE 0-7803-2411-0/94 DATE 1994 PP 133-135 KW simulation, TDR/TDT, measurement, T-Lines

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Measuring Package and Interconnect Model Parameters Using Distributed Impedance AU Bo Janko (Tektronix) and Peter Decher (Analogy) SOURCE na DATE na PP 1-6 KW impedance, modeling, simulation, interconnect, inductance, capacitance, TDR, T-lines

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Microstrip - A New Transmission Technique for the Kilomegacycle Range AU D. D. Grieg & H. F. Engelmann SOURCE Proceedings of the IRE VOLUME 40 DATE December, 1952 PP 1644-1650 KW T-Line, Design, Microwave, PCB

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Microstrip Components AU J. A. Kostriza SOURCE Proceedings of the IRE VOLUME 40 DATE December, 1952 PP 1658-1663 KW T-Line, Design, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Microwave Printed Circuits - The Early Years AU Robert M. Barrett SOURCE IEEE MTT VOLUME MTT-32 NUMBER 9 DATE September, 1984 PP 983-990 KW PCB, design, history, t-lines, microstrip, stripline

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Problems in Strip Transmission Lines AU Seymour B. Cohn SOURCE IRE Transactions on MTT DATE March, 1955 PP 119-126 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Reduction of Skin-Effect Losses by the Use of Laminated Conductors AU A. M. Clogston SOURCE Proceedings of IRE DATE July, 1951 PP 767-782 KW T-Line, Theory, Microwave @@@@

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Reflection and Crosstalk in Logic Circuit Interconnections AU John A. DeFalco SOURCE IEEE Spectrum DATE July, 1970 PP 44-50 KW Theory, T-Line, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Shielded Coupled-Strip Transmission Line AU S. B. Cohn SOURCE IRE Transactions on MTT VOLUME MTT-3 DATE October, 1955 PP 29-38 KW T-Line, Design, Theory, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Signal Integrity Issues at Split Ground and Power Planes AU Haw-Jyh Liaw and Henri Merkelo SOURCE Proceedings of IEEE ICTC (0-7803-3286-5/96) DATE 1996 PP 752-755 KW simulation, ground/power planes, split planes, t-lines

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Simplified Design Equations for Microstrip Line Paramters AU H. A. Atwater SOURCE Microwave Journal VOLUME 32 NUMBER 11 DATE November, 1989 PP 109-115 KW T-Line, Design, Theory, Microwave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Simplified Theory of Microstrip Transmission Systems AU F. Assadourian & E. Rimai SOURCE Proceedings of the IRE VOLUME 40 DATE December, 1952 PP 1651-1657 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Simulation of Frequency Dependent Conductor Los in Interconnects AU Dileep Divakar, Raj Raghuram, Fred Balistreri, and Norio Matsui SOURCE Proceedings of IEEE ICTC (0-7803-3286-5/96) DATE 1996 PP 991-995 KW simulation, t-lines, stripline, skin-effect

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI TDR Models in Modeling Interconnects and Packages AU na SOURCE Tektronix Appication Note DATE 1993 PP 1-11 KW TDR, models, interconnect, packages, measurements, inductance, capacitance, T-lines

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI TDR Tools in Measuring Interconnects and Packages AU B. Janko SOURCE Tektronix Application Note KW Test, Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI The Inductance Matrix of a Multiconductor Transmission Line in Multiple Magnetic Media AU Joseph R. Mautz, et. al. SOURCE IEEE Trans on MTT VOLUME 36 NUMBER 8 DATE August, 1988 PP 1293-1295 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Transient Analysis of Lossless Transmissin Lines AU F. H. Branin, Jr. SOURCE Proceedings of the IEEE DATE 1967 PP 2012-2013 KW Theory, T-Line

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TI Transmission Line Fundamentals AU Andy Kellet SOURCE RF Design DATE July, 1994 PP 56-60 KW Transmission-Lines, T-Lines, Theory, modeling


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