[SI-LIST] : Book on RF Package Modeling

Dean Monthei TQO ([email protected])
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 16:48:55 -0800

> If you are interested in a book on how package modeling is being done for
> RF parts read on.
> I work for TriQuint Semiconductor. We build GaAs parts for cell phones
> and other applications mostly at 1 to 2 GHz. I model packages up to about
> 10 GHz to account for harmonics. I have written a book on package
> modeling that has just been published. Below are the details.
> Dean Monthei - TriQuint Semiconductor
> ----------------
> http://www.wkap.nl/book.htm/0-7923-8364-8
> The Information below is the same as on the Kluwer Publishing WEB site
> (just not as fancy a format). The book can also be ordered through
> amazon.com although the pricing through amazon.com has not be fixed yet
> (they are taking orders and will email you for final approval once the
> price is set).
> Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston
> Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-8364-8
> November 1998, 248 pp.
> US $120.00
> Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal
> Modeling, and Processing for GaAs
> Wireless Applications
> by
> Dean L. Monthei
> TriQuint Semiconductor,Oregon, USA
> Volume 2
> Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal Modeling, and
> Processing for GaAs Wireless Applications reviews
> the practical aspects of electrical and thermal
> modeling of packages and has no equivalent on the
> market, since it discusses analog (microwave)
> packaging as opposed to digital packaging.
> This book emphasizes low-cost industry-standard
> packages; however, the principles translate well to
> other categories of packages. The need for this book
> arises from the fact that low-cost packages have not
> been optimized for high-frequency use. With
> high-volume commercial wireless markets now
> expanding and cost reduction a primary concern, the
> interest in modeling as a significant cost-cutting tool is
> high.
> Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal Modeling, and
> Processing for GaAs Wireless Applications addresses
> this interest and need, providing a comprehensive
> approach to the state-of-the-art modeling and
> processing techniques that professional engineers are
> just beginning to utilize. Engineers and professionals
> in the field of wireless packaging will find this book
> interesting and of great value to their work.
> Contents
> Preface. I: High Frequency Issues. 1. Tutorial On
> Microwave Concepts. 2. The Smith Chart and
> S-Parameters. II: Electrical Modeling of Packages. 3.
> Equivalent Circuit Models. 4. Creating Models from
> Measurements. 5. Creating a Model Using EM
> Simulators. III: Thermal Modeling. 6. Basics of
> Thermal Analysis. 7. Quick Thermal Analysis. 8. Finite
> Element Analysis. 9. Computational Fluid Dynamics.
> 10. Transient Thermal. 11. Thermal Measurement.
> IV: Processing Issues with Packaging GaAs High
> Frequency Components. 12. Package Families for
> Wireless. 13. Optimizing Electrical Performance. 14.
> Production Process Issues. 15. Die Attach Issues.
> Appendix A. Electrical Conductivities of Packaging
> Materials. Appendix B. Dielectric Properties of
> Packaging Materials. Appendix C. Thermal
> Conductivities of Packaging Materials. Appendix D.
> Thermal Modeling Software and Information.
> Appendix E. Thermal Analysis Equipment and
> Materials. Appendix F. Electromagnetic Simulator
> Software. Appendix G. Electrical Probing Tools.
> Appendix H. Circuit Simulator Software. Index.

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