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Hewlett-Packard offers an excellent solution to your problem.

With HFSpice Simulator, Multilayer Interconnect Models, and
Convolution Simulator, HP has taken its expertise in high-frequency
design & simulation technology and applied it to high-speed digital IC
and PCB circuit design.

The HFSpice and Interconnect Models simulate transmission line and
coupled line models and much more. And, the Convolution Simulator
will analyze skin effects and transmission lines losses.

And these are fast and accurate and the best value for your money.

These products are a part of the HP Advanced Design System and MDS
product families:

HF Spice


Multilayer Interconnect Models

I'd also suggest that you take a look an our application note on
High-Speed Digital Interconnect Modeling:

HP also has dedicated applications engineers for you to consult with
while working on this problem. Please be sure to give them a call as

Joe Civello
Product Manager

Hi All ,

I am an analog design engineer who has very little experience in dealing
with high speed digital signals .I am currently looking at performing some
high speed board level simulations between 500MGHz and 1GHz , I am not
responsible for the actual board level layout, I just wish to conduct
some simulations to examine interchip timing etc. My current SPICE based
simulator does not model lossy transmission lines and I am seeking
assistance or any help in finding another simulator that may do so .
I wish to model numerous conductors , so hopefully the model
will include mutual inductance's and cross capacitances between lines.
I also wish to model skin effect if it is an issue at the frequencies
of interest ???

I have been browsing on the web and found that "Avant!"'s HSPICE seems
to meet my needs , but is it the best package out there as regards
value for money and functionality ? also , what are the most
important criteria to consider when evaluating such
simulators ? (e.g. simulation times, accuracy, controlability...)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated .


Adrian Lynam

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