[SI-LIST] : PCB design rules for Ultra 2 SCSI SE / LVD differential lines.

Laurent BERNARD ([email protected])
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 14:22:07 +0200

Hello SI experts,

I am designing a PCB which should use differential lines for an ultra 2
SCSI interface SE / LVD.

I have to find out the correct design rules and stackup to have the
Ultra 2 SCSI design to work in both mode Single Ended and Low Voltage
Differential. Symbios Logic is supplying an Excel Field Solver
but only for micro-strip line. Unfortunatly we are designing high density
boards so we do not have any space available on both component and
solder side.

The only solutions I can see to solve the problem is to use either
embeded micro-stripline or dual stripline also called broadside
coupled stripline.

I would like to use wire of 5 mils width, 1 oz thickness. The other
dimensions are unkown to me : FR4 heigth, tracks separations,
tracks positions...