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Subject: Allowable crosstalk on VGA signals to monito
Author: <[email protected] (Team Systems)>
Date: 6/8/98 3:43 PM

Hello David,

As you might know, we have a complete line of so called Video Generators,
which are supposed to simulate the graphics accelerators in the P/C at any
resolution. I don't think that anybody can say what the maximum allowable
"crosstalk" or noise is, because the ultimate judgement is what you can or
better can no more see on the monitor.

It is my experience, that real random noise can be around 25 mV. But "real
random noise" is noise where no particular frequency is visible. As soon as
you have specific frequency components within the bandwidth of the monitor
you see the noise.

But again to apply a specific number is really not possible. One point is
sure, though: I don't think anybody is able to afford a graphics card with
2.7 mV of crosstalk or noise.

In the monitor - if you have random noise - the noise averages itself out
over the Horizontal Scanning and Frame Rate Frequencies.

And it seems to me, that to a great extent that is also true for flat panel

Call me if you want to continue this discussion.

Best Regards

George Stoeppel

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