Re: [SI-LIST] : IBIS to Spice

Fred Balistreri ([email protected])
Tue, 12 May 1998 16:08:07 -0700

D. C. Sessions wrote:
> Philip R. Gantt wrote:
> > Does anyone know of any tools that will convert IBIS models to Spice
> > models? Also, where might such a tool be acquired? Thanks.
> This comes up regularly on the IBIS list; to date there
> are no serious candidates. Apparently a couple of SPICE
> products allow direct import of IBIS as a behavioral
> description format. Others (such as HSPICE) don't even
> try. Converting the simpler forms of IBIS to SPICE
> isn't terribly hard, and can be done with PERL scripts;
> it's the less common variants that get tricky.
> Oh, BTW: one reason that such utilities aren't widespread
> is that it seems that every SPICE simulator uses a
> different behavioral modelling language.
> --
> D. C. Sessions
> [email protected]

D.C. is correct to some degree. There are Spice vendors that support
IBIS. Those vendors are usually SI EDA companies. To that end they do
make behavioral IBIS models and yes they are usually in the specfic
Spice flavor syntax, language etc. However it should be noted that this
is no different than having say Quad models and trying to run those in
Interconnectix. Each Spice vendor has its own merits much like non-spice
vendors. Among those merits may be support of IBIS models. It should
further be noted that other tools developed by acadamia much like spice,
is embraced, enhanced and resold at a handsome price (with enhancements)
of course. So it is not a surprise that Spice vendors would enhance,
modify improve etc. their simulator to better serve their customers.
It would be nice to have a standard but hey isn't that what IBIS
attempts to be?

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Fred Balistreri
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