[SI-LIST] : Re: PCB Top Gun Showdown!

Ronda Faries ([email protected])
Tue, 12 May 1998 12:00:03 -0700

Dear PCB Design/Engineer Professionals:

For several years now, Printed Circuit Design has sponsored the PCB
Benchmark held each spring during the PCB Design Conference West. It
has become, if you will, one of the trademarks of our annual West
Coast show.

On October 12-16 at the third annual PCB Design Conference East in
Marlborough, MA, we plan to modify that concept by providing a venue
where users can strut there stuff by participating in the FIRST ANNUAL

That's right, we're looking for a few good men and women who are
willing to put their talents and skills where their mouths are--in a
"face off" of the best of the best.

To pull this off, we're asking for YOUR HELP!!! But first here's what
we know so far.

* The intent is to identify and recognize some of the best PCB
designers in the industry.

* The event will be open to the first 10 people to register with
Ronda. Anyone with extreme confidence and a sense of adventure can
enter, except for Pete Waddell, his relatives (including ex-wives) and
his current or ex-girl friends. (Pete will NOT be involved in grading,
but you can never be too careful).

*We will probably induct two people into the PCB Top Gun club this
year, shower them with love and affection, make a big fuss over them
in the magazine and come up with some nifty prizes chosen just for the
"Top Guns."

* We will keep doing this every year, adding more "Top Guns" to the

Now, we have general ideas about how to conduct this. First, the
showdown will take place during PCB Design Conference East, on October
12-14 in Marlborough MA. Entrants will be responsible for their own
expenses. We will (probably) provide hardware. Entrants will be
required to provide their software (get an EDA sponsor?). There should
be written as well as physical criteria.

* Given that the Showdown must take place during the first three days
of the conference, what tasks/tests should we ask the participants to
do? Please be specific.

* Should we supply the participants with a starting point (netlist,
schematic, etc.) or wait until the first day of competition to provide
them with the information they'll need to design a board?

* Who should grade the participants? (Future events could be graded by
existing Top Gun members.)

Please provide us with as much feedback as you can. Don't be shy! And
if you're interested in being recognized as one of the elite by
participating in the 1998 PCB Top Gun Showdown, let us know! Don't
worry, at least one Top Gun shoe-in (PCD Publisher Pete Waddell) has
disqualified himself from participating due to the fact that he'll be
in charge of organizing the Showdown.

We look forward to receiving your Top Gun ideas via fax (770-952-6461)
or e-mail ([email protected]).

Best regards,

Ronda and Pete