[SI-LIST] : Incorporating 3-d passive circuit models into SPICE

Mike Degerstrom ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:12:14 -0500

The recent post by Julia and the response from Dmitri (I've included
the messages below) are very closely related to a modeling capability
that I've been seeking.

Most specifically, we are able to take both s-parameter TDR
measurements of structures such as vias, connectors, packages
and so on to determine the electrical characteristics for these structures.
We next want to extract from those measurements a suitable model
with which to perform a transient simulation.

Now one could certainly develop an equivalent circuit representation
composed of passive elements (R, L, and C) for the structure, then
simulate to compare to the measured data to validate the model. But
in practice this becomes more difficult - especially as applications
begin to require multi-Ghz clock rates.

Therefore, I am wondering if anyone has taken frequency measurements
such as s-parameters and found a reliable method to approximate the
poles and zeros? If so, do you use the Laplace approach mentioned by
Dmitri to incorporate the model into a transient circuit simulation?


On Apr 23, 4:23pm, Dmitri Kuznetsov wrote:
> Subject: Re: [SI-LIST] : Ferrite Beads in HSPICE
> Julia Nekrylova wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anybody know the easy way to incorporate ferrite beads
> > (frequency-dependent resistors/inductors) into HSPICE
> > transient analysis?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Julia Nekrylova
> > N.E.T.
> Hi Julia,
> You can implement frequency-dependent resistors and inductors in Hspice
> using frequency-dependent controlled current or voltage sources, the
> LAPLACE function in G or E elements. It lets you specify the frequency
> dependence in a pole-zero form or as a frequency table. The pole-zero
> form is simulated faster and more accurately.
> There is also magnetic core model for L elements (inductors). That one
> accounts not only for the frequency dependence but also for the
> nonlinear hysteresis effects in ferromagnetics.
> Dmitri
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