Re: [SI-LIST] : Need your comments in selection of SI simula

Michael Cohen ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:52:12 -0400

>> Dear sir:
>> Currently, we are preparing to introduce the signal integrity CAD tool
>> into our motherboard design flow. The two candidates are Quad and
>> Mentor. Can you kindly give us your opinions about the product of
>> those two company such that we can make a proper selection.
>> Best regards!
>> Allen

We currently use the Quad XTK toolset, but are seriously looking at using the
Cadence SPECCTRAQuest toolset, as Quad XTK does not give us an adequate early,
pre-route, SI solution. We will continue to use Quad XTK for post-route

The key to any decision you make is what do you already have in place for the
rest of you CAD tools (schematic capture, board placement, board routing,
etc.). If the majority of your tools are Cadence, then you should seriously
investigate SPECCTRAQuest. If they are Mentor tools, stay in that line. If
the tools are a hodgepodge of vendors, you should look into bringing them into
one, either Cadence, Synopsys (Quad & ViewLogic are now owned by Synopsys), or
Mentor. All these tools have their strenghts and weaknesses; the other key is
to determine your company's needs and work from them. Don't make a rash
judgement; bring them in, evaluate them, then make YOUR decision.