RE: [SI-LIST] : Convert an IBIS model to SPICE Model.

Andrew Ingraham ([email protected])
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:53:30 -0500

> Your solution is one way to solve this problem in SPICE, but a far
> method would be to use a SPICE simulators that can do behavioral
> using lookup tables. Some examples are SPICE 3 B-elements with
> extensions, or XSPICE extensions (many SPICE vendors offer XSPICE
> extensions).

But many do not.

Rather than choosing a SPICE with XSPICE extensions, wouldn't it be
better to choose a SPICE with IBIS extensions and avoid having to
convert anything yourself?

(Assuming, of course that you even have the freedom to choose *any*
SPICE in the first place!)