RE: [SI-LIST] : PCB Pwr Planes

John Lin - TAO ([email protected])
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Here is my opinion.

Since the power and ground planes are isolated with dielectric
material, It actually forms a capacitor.
The impedance can be calculated by equation , Xc= 1/(jWC).
W=2*pi*f. Higher frequency causes lower Xc.
However I believe that just like a general capacitor, above a certain
high frequency, the general capacitor has more inductance than
capacitance impedance because of the effect of leads.

For a component mounted on a PCB, the power/ground pins of the
component can be considered as the leads of a general capacitor.

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I'd like to verify an assumption of mine:
Is a Vcc power plane really the same as a Gnd power plane at high
(assuming good bypass cap's)?
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