[SI-LIST] : Ansoft HFSS Technical Workshop, May 14, 15

Eric Bogatin ([email protected])
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 09:33:35 -0600

Hi Folks-

I wanted to let you all know about a technical workshop that Ansoft is=
sponsoring on May 14 and 15, 1998. It will cover applications for our 3D,=
full wave field solver product, Ansoft HFSS. Though most of the=
applications are in the rf and microwave regime, there will be a few=
presentations that have applications to high frequency signal integrity=
problems. If you are not interested in the technical symposium, please=
delete this message now. Thanks for your attention.

The workshop will be held at the beautiful Marina Beach Marriott Hotel, just=
minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, in Marina del Rey, CA.=

Marina Beach Marriott Hotel

4100 Admiralty Way

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Note: Ansoft has reserved a block of rooms at the Marriott for a reduced=
rate of $165 per night. To reserve your room at this rate, call the hotel=
at 310-301-3000 and mention this event when making your reservation.=20

Pre-registration commences on Wednesday evening, May 13, followed by a wine=
and cheese reception. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided both=

Day 1 - May 14

Keynote speech - Dr. Zoltan Cendes=20

New capabilities overview=20

Application of Ansoft HFSS to real-world design problems=20

Special emphasis will be placed on new features of Ansoft HFSS 6.0. These=
include the new graphical user interface, ACIS precise solids modeler,=
macro and scripting capabilities, and the new fields processor. Day 1 will=
also include a special section on phased array antenna modeling using=
periodic boundaries. The day will conclude with dinner provided by Ansoft.

Day 2 - May 15

The second day will feature a series of presentations by Ansoft HFSS users,=
offering a unique opportunity to learn how other designers apply=
electromagnetic simulation within their design process.

Call for Papers

Interested parties can submit papers for presentation at the workshop.=
Please limit abstracts to 100 words. Abstracts should be submitted by fax=
or mail with completed registration form attached. The deadline for=
submission is April 1, 1998.

Who Should Attend

Users of HFSS and Maxwell=AE Eminence, RF/microwave engineers, and=
engineering managers responsible for the design of high-frequency=
components and structures.

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will participate in this interactive workshop using Ansoft HFSS=
Version 6.0 to learn from leading-edge experts how to solve their design=
problems. This unique event offers an opportunity to become acquainted with=
the staff who develops and supports Ansoft HFSS. All attendees will receive=
a free 30-day copy of Ansoft HFSS Version 6.0 and all printed workshop=


Full conference registration - $295=20

Early registration (prior April 15) - $195=20

Qualified university students - $49=20

Fee is waived for authors of accepted papers=20

Contact Info

For more information or to request a registration form, call David DiOrio at=
412.261.3200 or email [email protected]

The full invitation and registration form are also available for download in=
.pdf format from our web site at www.ansoft.com =20

--eric bogatin


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