[SI-LIST] : SMA Impedance Matching

Jay Diepenbrock ([email protected])
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 20:02:36 -0500

Andrew Bodley wrote:

>>Hi All,

>> I am interested in transmission line theory as suggested by Mark
>>below. Does anyone have suggested references both basic and

>> Thanks
>> Andrew Bodley
>> [email protected]

> I find it necessary to go back to transmission
>line theory (reflection coefficients, etc.) and make sure what I'm
>simulating makes sense!

The best reference I've seen on the subject is Ramo, Whinnery, and Van Duzer:
Fields and Waves in Communications Electronics (Wiley, mine is 1965, but I
believe there's a later edition). I also understand that Howard Johnson's book
on Black Magic is quite good, though I haven't seen it yet. You might also see
if someone has a copy of the Radio Amateur's Handbook by the Americal Radio
Relay League (ARRL).

Have fun!

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