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Though not stricly SI related, it appears that RAWCON'98 will
have some topics of interest to the SI community.

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Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS: 1998 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON'98)
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* 1998 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference *
* (RAWCON'98) *
* Colorado Springs, Colorado *
* August 9-12, 1998 *
* http://rawcon.org *

The 1998 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON'98) is new, but you may
recognize many of the sponsors, organizers, and participants who helped
make last year's Wireless Communications Conference a great success, with
50 outstanding presentations and 254 attendees from 14 nations. RAWCON'98
expects to continue that success by again focusing on the technology
driving the advancement of commercial wireless communications, from systems
to components to propagation. We will pay special attention to radio and
radio-frequency issues.

RAWCON'98, held at the Sheraton Colorado Springs, offers authors an
outstanding venue with a sophisticated audience of your customers,
suppliers, and competitors. Our IEEE Conference Proceeedings ensures wide
distribution of your archival publication. We will offer significant
registration discounts to speakers and will provide speakers with valuable
publicity through listings and hyperlinks on our highly-visible World Wide
Web site.

RAWCON'98 kicks off on Sunday, August 9, 1998 with an all-day workshop on
"Modeling and Simulation of Circuits for Wireless Communication Systems,"
organized by John Sevic of Spectrian Corp. A Monday morning workshop,
entitled "Overview of Coding and Modulation for Wireless Communications"
and led by Prof. Rodger Ziemer of the University of Colorado, will be
followed by two and a half days of single track technical sessions. A
Tuesday evening panel discussion, organized by Dr. Sanjay Kasturia of
Lucent Technologies, rounds out the technical program. An exhibition,
beginning on Tuesday, accompanies the conference.

The sponsors of RAWCON'98 are:

*IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S)
*IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc)
*IEEE Pikes Peak Section
*National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
*Institute for Telecommunications Sciences (ITS)

We seek original, practical technical presentations in these wireless

*System Architecture, including third generation wireless systems, LMDS,
wireless LANs, wireless local loop, PCS, cellular, paging, etc.

*System Performance, including base stations, mobiles, signal
processing, digital modulation, linearization, etc.

*Antennas and Propagation, including antenna design, propagation
modeling, electromagnetic compatibility, interference, etc.

*Active Devices, including linearity, modeling, characterization, RFICs,
MMICs, etc.

*Passive Components, including integrated passives, filters, packaging
technology, package design, etc.

The program committee is particularly interested in papers on the
following focus topics:
*Wireless data systems
*Software radio architectures
*Infrastructure equipment design for wireless communications
*Active device technologies for wireless communications
*Applications of advanced antennas to mobile communications

Authors are asked to submit five copies of a two-page summary
(including figures) to the Technical Program Chair (TPC) by March 1,
1998. The summary must contain complete contact information (including
email) for the corresponding author. Please contact the TPC for
information about electronic submission of the summary, if desired.

Submissions will be evaluated for originality, significance of the
work, technical soundness, and interest to a broad audience. Authors
will be notified of acceptance by April 24, 1998. Final accepted papers
(3-5 pages in length) must be received by the TPC in camera-ready form
by June 12, 1998 to be included in the published Proceedings.

Direct submissions to the Technical Program Chair:
Dr. Michael S. Heutmaker
Lucent Technologies
P.O. Box 900, Princeton, NJ 08542 (U.S. mail only)
Rte. 569 Carter Rd., Hopewell, NJ, 08525 (non-postal shipments)
tel: 609-639-3116
fax: 609-639-3197
mailto:[email protected]

For Conference information, contact the General Chair:
Dr. Roger B. Marks
National Institute of Standards and Technology
tel: 303-497-3037
fax: 303-497-7828
mailto:[email protected]

For Exhibition information, contact the Exhibits Chair:
Mr. Michael Fennelly
ATN Microwave, Inc.
tel: +1-508-667-4200 x18
fax: +1-508-667-8548
mailto:[email protected]

Additional Steering Committee Members:
Richard Sparks, Anro Engineering (mailto:[email protected] )
Gerry Reeve, NIST (mailto: [email protected])
Gary Breed, Applied Microwave & Wireless (mailto:[email protected])
Local Arrangements
John G. "Jack" McIlnay, The MITRE Corporation (mailto:[email protected])
George Jankovic, RF Globalnet Website (mailto:[email protected])
Peter W. Staecker, M/A-COM (mailto:[email protected])
John W. Meredith, Hewlett-Packard (mailto:[email protected])

Technical Program Committee:
Mr. Robert J. Achatz, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, Boulder, CO
Dr. Masami Akaike, Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Lutfi Albasha, University of Leeds, UK
Dr. Seng-Woon Chen, QUALCOMM, Inc., San Diego, CA
Dr. Roger Dalke, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, Boulder, CO
Dr. Kari-Pekka Estola, Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland
Mr. Bernard Geller, Sarnoff Corp., Princeton, NJ
Dr. Michael S. Heutmaker, Lucent Technologies, Princeton, NJ
Dr. David Hill, NIST, Boulder, CO
Mr. Charles Hodges, Flextronics International, San Jose, CA
Dr. Hossein Izadpanah, Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, CA
Dr. Roger B. Marks, NIST, Boulder, CO
Dr. Luc Martens, University of Gent, Belgium
Dr. Masahiro Muraguchi, NTT Wireless Systems Labororatory, Kanagawa, Japan
Dr. Modest Oprysko, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
Dr. Chong-Il Park, Kyocera America, San Diego, CA
Dr. Peter Petre, Hughes Research Labs, Malibu, CA
Dr. James Schaffner, Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, CA
Mr. Andreas Schmidbauer, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Dr. Mohammad Shakouri, Hewlett-Packard Co., Cupertino, CA
Dr. David Smithgall, Lucent Technologies, Princeton, NJ
Mr. Joseph Staudinger, Motorola, Inc., Tempe, AZ
Dr. Gene Tkachenko, Alpha Industries, Woburn, MA
Dr. Vijai Tripathi, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Dr. Mark Wickert, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

See http://rawcon.org for the latest on RAWCON'98!

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Roger B. Marks 1-303-497-3037
[email protected] 1-303-497-7828 (fax)
Chair, 1998 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON'98)
August 9-12, 1998, Colorado Springs, Colorado http://rawcon.org

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