[SI-LIST] : REPOST: Breaking the silence - EMI/EMC "QUIET" users?

John Nieznanski ([email protected])
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 17:42:18 -0500

Si-list subscribers,

Now that we are all back from our holiday breaks, I will repost the questions
below in the hope that some informative discussion can be generated. To date I
have received several "let me know what you find out" type responses. I expect
that some members of the SI-list subscriber community also support EMI/EMC
analysis work, and therefore attempt to utilize the same CAE tool vendors,
device models (IBIS, Spice, etc.) for both EMI/EMC and SI analysis. Is there a
better/alternative forum for posting these questions?

Thanks in advance for your input.

> I am trying to locate anyone who has explored or utilized the QUIET

> tool set (QUad Integrated Emi Toolkit) from Mentor Graphics / Viewlogic

> (previously QUAD) who would be willing to share their experiences, either
> publicly

> or privately.

> 1. Do you currently use QUIET as an EMI/EMC design validation tool for
> circuit board assemblies prior to fabrication?
> a. no
> b. yes

> 2. Have you done any validation comparing QUIET predicted EMI levels
> against laboratory measurement data?
> a. no
> b. yes; limited
> c. yes; incomplete / in-process / inconclusive
> d. yes; extensive
> e. other (explain)

> 3. In you opinion, what are the most significant obstacles in using
> QUIET? (check or rank all that apply)
> a. learning curve
> b. expert user required
> c. vendor issues:
> i. support
> ii. maintenance
> iii. documentation
> iv. training
> d. internal support / maintenance
> e. database incompatibilities (e.g., can only analyze
> Mentor designs?)
> f. board technology incompatibilities (e.g., rigid flex?,
> etc.)
> g. I/O models availability / accuracy
> h. other effects more dominant (cables, enclosures, etc.)
> i. limited range of applicability / accuracy
> j. prefer other tools
> k. tool cost

> l. other (specify)



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