[SI-LIST] : Proactive SI Engineering

Roger Gravrok ([email protected])
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 12:22:30 -0800

Proactive Signal-Integrity Engineering Position Available:

Challenges Include:

Responsibility for Ground Rule Development, Design, Electrical
Modeling and,
Experimental Verification of High-Speed Interconnect systems.
This includes driving resolution of PCB, IC, and system level design
issues in a
proactive environment. A place where a motivated and experienced
engineer can create
with other like-minded engineers. An opportunity to define successful
highly-reliable solutions that
will be a critical part of future high-performance computer centers.
By proactive we mean designing a complete solution now, not a
Band-Aid reaction.

We also welcome applicants who feel they could accept the challenge
growing into this exciting opportunity.

Roger J. Gravrok
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