[SI-LIST] : Breaking the silence: EMI/EMC "QUIET" users?

John Nieznanski ([email protected])
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:18:25 -0500

Si-list subscribers,

I am trying to locate anyone who has utilized the QUIET tool set (QUad
Integrated Emi Toolkit) from Mentor Graphics / Viewlogic (previously
QUAD) who would be willing to share their experiences, either publicly
or privately. Personal replies will be held in confidence unless
otherwise authorized.

Thank you very much for your input.

1. Do you currently use QUIET as an EMI/EMC design validation tool for
circuit board assemblies prior to fabrication?
a. no
b. yes

2. Have you done any validation comparing QUIET predicted EMI levels
against laboratory measurement data?
a. no
b. yes; limited
c. yes; incomplete / in-process / inconclusive
d. yes; extensive
e. other (explain)

3. In you opinion, what are the most significant obstacles in using
QUIET? (check or rank all that apply)
a. learning curve
b. expert user required
c. vendor issues:
i. support
ii. maintenance
iii. documentation
iv. training
d. internal support / maintenance
e. database incompatibilities (e.g., can only analyze
Mentor designs?)
f. board technology incompatibilities (e.g., rigid flex?,
g. I/O models availability / accuracy
h. other effects more dominant (cables, enclosures, etc.)
i. limited range of applicability / accuracy
j. prefer other tools
k. cost
l. other (specify)


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