[SI-LIST] : "Home Made TDR"

Csaba Csaszar ([email protected])
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 21:42:31 -0500

I'm looking for information on drivers of TDR equipment.

We are talking about simulators, calculators, EDA tools but not the real
measurement. At one point we (engineers) must verify our calculations
and the prototypes. Sometimes the real test could be much faster and
more accurate then any simulation. I know, there are TDR equipment on
the market, but the price is too much for low quantity.
Practically I would like to build a simple driver circuit to measure the
Z0 of some prototype PCB with, or without circuit loading.. The circuits
are ECL type logic plus connectors.
For measuring the trace response I have an TDS782 1GHz BW, 250GHz
Equivalent Time Sampling Oscilloscope with 1.5GHZ FET probe.
Any information on drivers and technics would be appreciated.

Csaba Csaszar
Gage Applied Sciences Inc.