[SI-LIST] : Evaluation of Ventor Tools

Fred Balistreri ([email protected])
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:11:10 -0800

You guys missed the point. This is not about customer vendor
relationships. It was my opinion that the SI deflector is not the
place to evaluate competitive tools UNLESS you want vendors to start
advertising, getting defensive and flooding the SI list. My comment
was rethorical. Nobody likes to be critized in public even if its
true. Your commments just verified that situation. Just to set the
record straight my customers never make mistakes and they are always

The problem with the calculator would have been solved just as easily
by contacting the vendor directly. Again in my opinion that would have
been the proper thing to do. Actually Arpad did try this.

Anyway its your deflector, just be ready for vendors responses since
that is only fair.

If it were not for deflectors like this and lively customers like you
guys/gals my day would be very boring. So thanks.

Happy Holiday to All!

Fred Balistreri
[email protected]