Re: [SI-LIST] : Some questions about capacitor reliability

Tim Postel ([email protected])
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 18:16:32 -0800

Bob Perlman wrote:

> 2) Do you know of any "capacitors-are-my-life" consultants who can give
> me better insight into capacitor failure mechanisms and how to avoid
> them?

For tantalum caps, here's one vendor's (AVX Corp.) suggestions for
surge failure prevention (I haven't read either very thoroughly, both
contain bibliographies pointing to lots of related material); all articles
are in Adobe PDF format:

o "Increasing Reliability of SMD Tantalum Capacitors in Low
Impedance Applications", D. Mattingly

o "Surge in Solid Tantalum Capacitors", J. Gill

Also, they have a number of decoupling-related technical
articles related to decoupling (quality varies); see

for the index.

-Tim Postel
Synopsys (formerly Viewlogic Advanced Development (formerly Quad Design))