[SI-LIST] : HF SCSI connectors

[email protected]
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 11:57:13 -0500

A brief statement of the obvious: Data rates seem to keep increasing.
That's all well and good, it keeps EMI folks employed. The problem I have
with it is that when it comes to connector design, connectors such as SCSI
an DB-9's aren't designed for Gigabit/sec and higher data rates but people
are using them anyway. This makes is a problem when designing a cable
since there is usually a connector at either end. Yes some vendors
incorperate little closely spaced dimples to provide better contact between
the header and connector but from some of the testing I've been doing I'm
finding that the weak link EMI-wise is header-connector interface as
opposed to the rest of the cable assembly. So the question is has anyone
found a vendor out there that's doing anything innovative in the way of
high frequency SCSI or DB-9 connectors.

Mickey Freed
[email protected]