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Thu, 04 Dec 97 07:16:00 PST

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I would say go for the thin planes since they are lower in cost and
there is really not much benefits of having thick pwr/gnd planes for the
internal layers. If the planes are inserted for the purpose of
decoupling, its thicknesses do not affect the capacitance values,
negligible effect on the parasitics as well. The same goes for
reduction of crosstalk.

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Subject: [SI-LIST] : About multilayer Board
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Does anyone help on the effect of EMI suppression owing to the difference
of copper thickness which is located on the inner layer of multi_layer
board ?
(This layer is used for GROUND or POWER plane.)

Which is better the thickness become thick or thin ?

And what is the reason why ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.
Takashi Yanagimoto

Ricoh Company Ltd.
Tokyo Japan

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