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Another approach to reduce crosstalk between lines of a bus is to
transpose the conductors every so often along the length of the bus.
Basically, this prevents two conductors from being nearest neighbors
for the entire length of the bus. This approach is effective
if not all of the lines are switching simultaneously, such as in
a control bus. An added benefit is that there is less propagation
delay skew than in an ordinary parallel bus.

The technique is described in "Transposing Conductors in Signal Buses
to Reduce Nearest-Neighbor Crosstalk," R. H. Voelker, IEEE Trans.
Microwave Thoery Tech., vol. 43, no.5, pp. 1095-1099, May 1995.

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Without claiming that the list is complete, here are some of the
publications on crosstalk reduction that I am aware of. Many of them
actually deal with grounded traces to reduce crosstalk, some include
comparison with measured data.

Istvan Novak

Y.-C. Jeong, C.-C. Park, L.-S. Kim, "A new crosstalk compensation method in
line inversion TFT-LCD's," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part
I: Fundamental Theory and Applications, Vol.44, June 1997, pp. 552-555.
L. Lu, V. Ungvichian, "An Optimization Technique to Minimize Crosstalk in
Multi-Layered and Multi-Microstrip-Line Board of High Speed Digital
Circuits," Proceedings of the 1996 EMC Symposium, Santa Clara, August
19-23, pp. 442-447.
J. C. Coetzee, J. Joubert, "Full-Wave Characterization of the Crosstalk
Reduction effect of an Additional Grounded track Introduced Between Two
Printed Circuit Tracks," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I:
Fundamental Theory and Applications, July 1996, Vol. 43, No.7, pp. 553-558.
T.R. Gazizov, "Computer Simulation of EM Coupling in Interconnects of a
Double-Layered Dielectric PCB: Parallel Lines on One Side of the Layer,"
Proceedings of the 1996 Wroclaw EMC Symposium, pp. 230-234. (Crosstalk
compensation by double-layered dielectric)
W. P. Liao, F. L. Chu, "Structure compensation for reduction of the
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Frequencies," Proceedings on the 1995 International Conference on EMC, pp.
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Printed-Circuit Boards," Proceedings of the 1994 Wroclaw EMC Symposium,
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Circuit Boards with Additional Centre Traces," Proceedings of the 1994 EMC
Symposium, May 16-20, 1994, Sendai, Japan, pp. 316-319.
B. Eged, F. Mernyei, I. Nov=E1k, P. Bajor, "Reduction of Far-End Crosstalk =
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J. B. Marshall, R. B. Linville, "Explanation for the Dual Dielectric
Phenomenon in Differential Crosstalk Control," 21st International Wire and
Cable Symposium, Atlantic City, December 5-7, 1972.

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