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Ronda, I don't have any papers to supply to you, but I will mention one
thing about the subject. In my experience, I have never found guard bands
to be a worthwhile thing to add to a design. It adds traces, makes the
board more complex, and the distance you need to space critical traces from
each other to fit the guard band is enough to eliminate crosstalk between
the traces. Guard bands also lower the impedance of these critical nets.
So unless one is running 2GHz+ signals, single ended on a PC board, I would
recommend not using guard bands.
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From: "Ronda Faries" <[email protected]>, on 11/10/97 6:29 PM:
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Dear Si-list subscribers:

I'm looking for an article/paper on the effectiveness of using ground
traces for the isolation of critical signals to be published in the
January 1998 issue of PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN magazine.

The catch...

I need a final draft--with figures/illustrations--by November 18.

If you'd like to submit an article or paper on this topic, please
contact me ASAP. (Note: I can't use articles that are "advertorials"
for specific products or for specific companies.)

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