[SI-LIST] : EDA suite for Win NT

Russell Rapport ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:41:01 -0700

I realize these newsgroups consist of vendors from various competing EDA
companies, so please send any replies to me directly, not to the

I am trying to develop a well-integrated suite of moderate-cost (<$50K
total) EDA tools for the PC Windows NT platform. I need schematic
capture, PCB layout, Spice modelling for signal integrity, and IBIS
capability. I would also like to be able to integrate thermal modelling
at the component and board levels and FPGA and ASIC design and
verification at some point. Some PCB routing will be contracted to an
outside house with UNIX tools such as Cadence, Mentor, etc.

I am especially interested in hearing from users who have managed to get
their tools to work well together.

Again, please reply directly to me.

Thanks in advance,
Russell Rapport
Product Development Engineer
Staktek Corporation