Bob Ross ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 08:37:49 -0700 (PDT)

To All:

Please respond if you are interested in an IBIS Summit Meeting in Europe.

There exists a lot of IBIS work in Europe related to model development,
IBIS usage, model validation, translation to/from Spice, EMC extensions
and IBIS needs. We are considering setting up an IBIS Summit meeting
for the primary purpose sharing your experiences and communicating your
needs. Similar to some of the other IBIS Summit Meetings, we would
request that the presentations be available in an electronic format
so that they can be made available to anyone who cannot attend. See
http://www.eda.org/pub/ibis/summits for other IBIS Summit presentations.

We are considering holding the IBIS Summit Meeting in Paris associated
with the DATE98 (Design Automation and Test in Europe) Conference (the
merger of several conferences including EuroDAC) in February, 1998.
This is similar to the IBIS Summit meeting that is held along with the
Design Automation Conference (DAC) in the U.S. A 2-hour "Fringe" meeting
(Similar to the DAC "Birds of the Feather" meeting) is already being

The IBIS Summit under consideration would be for 1/2 to 1 day and devoted
to presentations and possible group discussion topics. To find out the
level of interest, please respond to me regarding:

What dates can you attend and prefer (DATE98 is February 23-26, 1998):

Sunday, February 22, 1998 before DATE98?
This could be officially affilated with DATE98

Thursday, February 26, 1998 after the trade show portion?
This is similar to DAC

Other Dates?

Would you plan to attend the meeting?

Would you plan to prepare a presentation (~15-30 minutes or even longer)?

Do you have any suggestions for the Summit Meeting or its topics?

Please respond to me as soon as possible since we need to make some
committments soon based on your interest.

Thank you
Bob Ross

[email protected] or [email protected]