[SI-LIST] : Dielectric loss

[email protected]
Thu, 18 Sep 97 13:22:52 -0700

The term "lossy dielectric" implies an energy loss or joule heating in
the dielectric material. Could someone out there explain the actual
loss mechanism? Is is a paramagnetic or molecular vibration?, or?.. I
understand the "loss tangent which is the ratio of the e" to e'
(imaginary over real) but that does not explain the physical mechanism
of the energy conversion. My book (quote: "it is obvious that the
imaginary part is associated with power loss or dissipation within the
dielectric"...) well, that is not so obvious to me! The book further
implies that the loss is associated with the resonant frequency of
polarization. The book, EM waves and radiating systems by E. Jordan,
eloquently discusses "electronic polarization", and "microscopic
bodies that contribute to the polarization effect".. but does not
actually give a intuitive explanation.
Thanx in advance
Hans Mellberg