Re: [SI-LIST] : Burst noise simulation

Torsten Maeser ([email protected])
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 16:02:28 +0200


We have some experience with simulation of BURST interfaces using tools of

We used a special model of a coupling clamp which depends on the real test
environment (coupling clamp, transmission lines resp. cables). We also have
implemented a special model of a BURST generator.

Looking at the according standard, you will find a definition of the waveshape
of a single pulse and a graph of a burst. The repetition period is in the order
of 0.2 to 0.4 ms, the BURST duration is 15ms, and a BURST period of 300 ms.
In general, the line length on typical PCB applications, the rise and fall times
of the components,etc. lead to simulation time steps in the order of ns.
Therefore, the simulation can be time and memory consuming.

Additionally, the models of the components are often not valid for the voltage
level during a BURST test, so that special models have to be used. Nevertheless
we got some really good first results for a BURST simulation.


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Unger Bernhard wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with simulation of BURST-interference? > How can I model coupling of BURST to tr-lines on PCBs or cables? > Does there exist tools for simulating the BURST-interference? > Are there any papers or books which covers this issues? > > Any information would be helpful. > > Thanks in advance. > > Bernhard Unger > ************************************************************************************ > # Dr. Bernhard Unger > # Siemens AG > # Dept. ANL A45 AM > # Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 Tel. +49-89-636-47404 > # D-81730 Munich Fax. +49-89-636-44595 > # Germany E-Mail [email protected] > ************************************************************************************

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