Re: [SI-LIST] : stackup impedance.

Torsten Maeser ([email protected])
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:28:33 +0200

John Lin,

I guess it is not possible to find equations which allow an accurate
calculation of configurations you described. I would recommend to use a
numerical approach, like Boundary Element Method, Finite Element Method,
or Method of Moments. On the market there are a lot of field solvers
available. In your case a 2D solver should be sufficient. INCASES offers
a tool based on the Boundary Element Method, which can efficiently be
used for calculations like this.


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John Lin - TAO wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anybody have idea about how to calculate the impedance of
> stackup with following structures.
> S-S-G-P-S-S ( 6 layers).
> and
> G-S-S-S-S-P (6 layers).
> I checked books and tried to find equations to calculate impedance.
> However, I cannot find any.
> Best Regards,
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