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Roland F. Portman ([email protected])
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 08:59:58 -0700

To: Mike Mayer,

I have had HyperLynx LinSim for three months. Getting the IBIS models was
slightly easier than getting Spice models which usually required a NDA. I
found LineSim very easy to use and quick to set up. It is good for looking at
clocks and individual signals and allows for easy 'What-ifs' (termination
schemes, layer stackup, driver strengths, topology, etc.). You have to
manually set up the topology of the net, but the copy command really helps.
One new feature they added is 'stackup'. You can define the stackup of the
board and it will tell you the Z of each layer. Then you can not only select
the net segment length but also the trace layer of each segment.

I am getting my board back today and will do some correlations in the lab in
the next two weeks.

I am currently working on getting a copy of HyperSuite which includes BoardSim
EMC which will allow me to look at any of the signals on the board with their
real topology. They have a handful of translators for the layout tools
(Cadence-Allegro, ZR-Visula, etc) to extract the layout and import it into
BoardSim. I plan to use it for post-layout, pre-fabrication, to catch problems
before we spend the $$ on the fabs.

I have yet to use the SPICE->IBIS converter other than to convert the test
spice simulation into an IBIS file. I hope to make some time to convert some
other spice models to IBIS.

Roland Portman
3Com Corporation

> I've been looking into software to do pre-layout signal integrity
> analysis of high speed digital designs. I've looked at HyperSuite,
> AMPredictor and talked to Viewlogic about ISIS/Quad. Has anybody used
> any or all of these? Any advantages/disadvantages from the fact that
> AMPredictor is SPICE-based? They have an IBIS->SPICE convertor to
> allow use of IBIS models. Am I right in assuming a tool such as
> AMPredictor could do more than just transmission line simulation since
> it is SPICE-based?
> Thanks.
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