Re: [SI-LIST] : SI Software

Tom Warneke ([email protected])
Fri, 05 Sep 1997 11:29:15 -0400


I am somewhat familiar with HyperSuite and ISIS/Quad. Hypersuite is the
price/performance leader and also the easiest to use by far. You will
be up and running in a few hours with HyperSuite including installation.
The user interface is top-rate.

HyperSuite is available on Windows and includes excellent on-line and
printed documentaion.

In additon to supporting IBIS models, Hypersuite supports its own ".MOD"
non-linear (better than linear) modeling method that employs
precharacterized model templates for the basic technologies (i.e. TTL,
CMOS, etc.) that can be parameterized for your specific requirements
using a menu. You input rise and fall times, input/output impedances.
input capacitance, clamping diode type and characteristics, etc. Their
documentation gives you good guidlines on how to parameterize a model
from a data book or simple measurements.

Several engineers I have spoken with have verified good corellation
between simulated and measured results using Hyerpsuite with both IBIS
and ".MOD" models.

Quad goes further in timing analysis and crosstalk, but is much more
difficult to learn and use (and much more expensive). Plan on attending
a two day training course which is offered by Viewlogic or their VARS
(Trilogic in the New England area is an excellent source for Quad
software training).

For pre-layout analysis I would choose LineSim (Included in HyperSuite)
hands down. For PCB layout analysis I would choose Hypersuite unless I
had timing and crosstalk needs, then Quad is a good choice.

If you are on the very cutting edge with timing and signal integrity /
crosstalk needs, you should also check out Interconnectix (owned by
Mentor). They have a very impressive tool that concurrently designs and
checks for timing and SI issues.

I have no experience with the AMPredictor tool.

Good luck in your evaluation.

Mike Mayer wrote:
> I've been looking into software to do pre-layout signal integrity
> analysis of high speed digital designs. I've looked at HyperSuite,
> AMPredictor and talked to Viewlogic about ISIS/Quad. Has anybody used
> any or all of these? Any advantages/disadvantages from the fact that
> AMPredictor is SPICE-based? They have an IBIS->SPICE convertor to
> allow use of IBIS models. Am I right in assuming a tool such as
> AMPredictor could do more than just transmission line simulation since
> it is SPICE-based?
> Thanks.
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