[SI-LIST] : Apology

Shawn Drumgo ([email protected])
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 00:48:44 -0400

This is an apology to all of the respectable professionals that I may
have insulted.

I was only trying to experiment with some avenues of recruiting on the

This will not happen again.


P.S . This email was not initiated based on the email from the SI
subscriber below.

Re: [SI-LIST] : Regular Full-time Technical Positions
Tue, 26 Aug 97 05:11:43 +0000
Mark Montrose <[email protected]>
Shawn Drumgo <[email protected]>

Your posting for jobs that provides financial benefits to yourself is an

insult to the professionals who frequent this user group. We allow only

open position requisitions for our personal companies - and only for a
specific position that applies to this user group.

Please enjoy what it feels like to have a long message received that is
considered SPAMMING. Provide an apologize to us and unsubscribe.
Failure to do so will force me to send this file to you every day for a
month or so. Each time I will make it larger.