Re: [SI-LIST] : Teaching SI

Ron Poon ([email protected])
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 16:32:03 -0700

Hi Fethi,

I am the author of the book Computer Circuits Electrical Design
(Prentice Hall, 1995; 408 pages). It goes into details on such topics
as reflection, crosstalk, SSO noise, and timing analysis that are near
and dear to us as signal integrity engineers.

When I started as a flunky board designer back 14 years ago, I never
heard of the term signal integrity. Like most of us, I learned the
trade the hard way. But because of my academic background (having
previously taught for ten years in the university), I liked to link
many of the empirical data and design practice to the textbook. That
prompted me to write the book. It was meant to be a reference rather
than a textbook, though, since I did not have the benefit of a teaching

Prof. Fred Fosenberger of Washington University, St. Louis,
([email protected]) had kindly compiled a list of errata on my book
and announced it on this si-list. I told him privately I would
consolidate that list with mine, but somehow never found time to
complete the project.

I wish I had had coursework similar to Melinda's back when I was in
college, and wish her the best in her endeavor.

Fethi Bellamine wrote:
> Melinda, hi
> The timing and the quality of the signal is a serious problem in the
> computer industry.
> I remember one book by the title of "computer circuits electrical design"
> which is suprisingly about signal integrity (although the title does
> not carry the words signal integrity). For some reasons I did not record
> the author of the book, but the call number is TK 7888.4 P65 1995 is
> at University of Toronto.
> Good luck
> Fethi Bellamine

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