RE: Power/ground connections/bypassing on ICs

Grasso, Charles ([email protected])
Wed, 7 May 1997 12:47:23 -0600

>I, for one, would never advocate running traces from the IC
>power/ground pins first to a bypass capacitor, and then on to the
power/ground planes.

This technique was published in Printed Circuit Design and I am
collecting data to prove
>the efficiency, or lack thereof!, of this technique.

Charles Grasso
EMC Engineer

>From: Andy Ingraham[SMTP:[email protected]]
>Sent: Thursday, May 01, 1997 12:24 PM
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>Subject: Re: Power/ground connections/bypassing on ICs
>Thank you to everyone who contributed to my question about power
>and ground connections to integrated circuits and filter/bypass
>So then, is there no one here who advocates running traces from IC
>power/ground pins first to a bypass capacitor, and then on to the
>power/ground planes?
>I thought my question might have touched off some argument, or at
>least someone saying that it works in some cases. (Such as the
>person who last week told me to do this for mixed-signal devices
>that don't specifically need filtered power.)
>One reply mentioned removing the thermal reliefs from the vias.
>Is this a common practice? Does it really make a difference?
>Andy Ingraham