Re: animation program to show travelling wave

Dmitri Kuznetsov ([email protected])
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:30:51 -0700

You could break a transmission line into small segments in Spice. That
will give you position/time data for voltage and current waves. You
could plot the data simultaneously in a single plot to see how the waves
propagate along the line, or you could animate a set of plots in

If you want to see 3D field distributions, you will have to use a
program based on a time domain method such as finite-difference time
domain (FDTD) or transmission-line matrix (TLM) methods. These are
available from universities such as University of Illinois or
Pensilvania State University, but complicated to use, and will take from
many hours to several days (depending on the line length) on PC with at
least 64 Megs of memory for a single line. In addition, conventional
FDTD is not even able to handle conductor loss with any practical

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johnlin wrote:
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> Hi,
> I study SI problems on PCB board level. I am interested in studying the
> behavior of wave travelling on a wire and reflected because of impedance
> mismatch.
> It is great helpful to have a visual aid,an animation program on PC, to
> show wave's travelling.
> Can anyone provide me a informatin/point for any animation programs to
> show
> wave travelling on a wire -- reflection due to impedance mismatch?
> Thanks in advance.
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