Re: Line Parameters of Twisted Cables ?

Weston Beal ([email protected])
Wed, 9 Apr 97 12:03 CDT


In the book _Microwave_Engineering_ by David Pozar, he gives the
formula for RLGC of two round conductors with a radius, 'a' with a
center to center distance, 'D' as:

L = (mu/pi)cosh^-1(D/2a)

C = (pi*eps')/(cosh^-1(D/2a)

R = Rs/pi*a

G = (pi*w*eps'')/cosh^-1(D/2a)

Rs is the resistivity
w is omega (frequency)
mu is permeability of free space * relative permeability
eps' is permittivity of free space * relative permittivity
eps'' is a factor in calculating the loss tangent

I hope this helps some.


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Dear SI engineers,

anyone out there having data/formulas or a handy tool for the transmission line parameters (RLCG) and loss effects of twisted cables (over ground) ?

Thanks for any pointer,

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