Re: Public SI Seminar

Andy Ingraham ([email protected])
Tue, 18 Mar 97 10:11:58 EST

> There's a useful seminar on Signal Integrity issues being presented in the
> Bay Area in April. If you would like more information, go to:

Assuming this is the seminar being presented by Dr. Howard Johnson:

High-Speed Digital Design
A Two-Day Workshop in "Black Magic"

it is also being given in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.
All coming up real soon now. Such seminars are often concentrated
in the Bay area, so it's good to have them out here too.

You might have received UC-Berkeley's flyer about a month ago. If
not, try the web page above, or e-mail to [email protected]


(P.S.: By "public" seminar, I believe Dr. Johnson means enrollment is
open to anyone, as opposed to a private company-sponsored workshop.
The course is not free.)