Re: Design Engineers wanted in Pacific NW!

Ray Anderson (raymonda@radium)
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 09:27:53 -0800

Dear Head-Hunter-

si-list is intended for the exchange of technical information,
and the ocassional posting of job opportunities by working engineers
to aid in staffing their own departments. We (the si-list maintainers)
and most of the users of si-list that I have communicated with on
this topic agree that this is not the proper forum for commercial
head-hunter type recruitment/advertising. In the future we would
appreciate it if you could find another outlet for your activities
and refrain from using si-list for your hunting.

I am also posting this response to the list in general also
just to reiterate the present policy. Any comments pro or con
should be sent to Let's not create
an ongoing list discussion that will ruin our S/N ratio.

Ray Anderson
si-list administrator
Sun Microsystems Computer Company

> Please post the following jobs for High Speed Design Engineers
> for a Fortune 500 company in the pacific northwest.
> Sr. Hardware Engineer
> Fortune 500 Semiconductor Company
> in Pacific Northwest
> The successful Sr. Hardware Engineer for this Fortune 500 Semiconductor
> company will conduct or participate in multidisciplinary research in
> the design, development, testing and utilization of information

yada-yada-yada deleted ...

> of new ideas and products. BS or MS degree required plus a minimum of 4
> years experience. Please email a resume in ASCII format to:
> Staff Hardware Engineer
> Fortune 500 Semiconductor Company
> in Pacific Northwest

more stuff deleted ....