Re: FCT806 Clock Driver

Norman Wong ([email protected])
15 Jan 1997 15:52:40 -0500

Reply to: RE>FCT806 Clock Driver

Hi Fabrizio:

I didn't check this particular part but you may try Cypress. They seem =
to be big on FCT and slew control. Could you also change your layout to =
add series resistor or AC termination?

I will be in the Design SuperCON. Maybe I'll see you there.

Norman Wong
Nortel, Northern Telecom
Wireless Development Center.

Date: 1/15/97 3:18 PM
To: Norman Wong
From: fabrizio zanella
----- E X T E R N A L L Y O R I G I N A T E D M E S S A G E -----

Hello SI engineers,
I am having problems with an IDT 49FCT806BT inverting clock driver, 0.5
micron CMOS technology. I measured the rise time on this device to be
800ps, and this is causing excessive reflections and false clocking. =
anyone know of a vendor who makes a pin compatible FCT806 clock driver,
SSOP package with slew rate control or guaranteed rising edges around =
or longer? I don't need subnanosecond edges in my system, the frequency =
below 50MHz.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hope to see many of you at Design Supercon next week in Santa Clara.


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