RE: S-Parameter to SPICE Model Converter

Dileep Divekar ([email protected])
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 13:59:37 +0800

I just wanted to say that the company name Contec Microelectronics
has changed and so have the phone and fax numbers. The new information
is included below.
ContecSPAR converts S-parameters to rational function approximations
represented by a ratio of polynomials. These can be used by many variants
of spice. ApsimSPICE and HSPICE are the ones I know of, but I am sure
there are others. I could be wrong, but I do not think Spice 2G6 can
use them.
Dileep Divekar
Fred Balistreri
Applied Simulation Technology, Inc.
2188 Bering Drive
San Jose, CA 95131

Phone - (408)-434-0967 x 102 or (800)-955-0967 x 102
Fax - (408)-434-1003
Email - [email protected]
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> Rudi,
> Contec Microelectronics sells a product called ContecSPAR that does the
> conversion. I've never used it so I can't speak for its accuracy.
> Their number is (800) 888-8884. Seems to me I've heard of one or two
> others as well, but I can't recall the names...