pkg elect char job op

Wai Yeung Yip ([email protected])
Mon, 26 Aug 96 17:39:58 PDT

Hi everyone,

There is a position open in the Package Characterization and Simulation Group of
the Advanced Package Development Group of LSI Logic in the Bay Area. The job
responsibilities include package electrical parameter extraction through both
modeling and measurement involving the use of various EM field solvers and
Impedance Analyzer, TDR/TDT, and Network Analyzer. In addition, the engineer
will be involved with system model development for power and signal integrity
analysis for performance characterization. There are lots of opportunities to
tackle challenging problems and to perform original modeling and analysis work,
and to work on state-of-the-art high performance packaging technologies such
as multi-layer BGA and flip chip packages. Please point your browser to for further information. The opening is listed under the
title Pkg Electrical Charac. Engr located in Fremont, CA. The employement
opportunities section is listed under Products and Services (don't ask me why).
You are also encouraged to call the hiring manager Ivor Barber at 408-433-8095
or email him at [email protected] to further discuss the position and requirements.
Thanks for your attention.

Wai-Yeung Yip